Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/722/Press Review]

March 22 2004

18 March 2004.
Main headlines
– Large-scale condemnation to attack on engineers union
– Political parties and Sana'a University sign an agreement of principles
– Brooklyn Court in New York studies the case of al-Mouayad
– Condemned Madrid explosions,
– JMP holds the government responsible for dealing with allegations against al-Zindani
Columnist Zaid al-Shami says a year has elapsed since the latest aggression on Iraq. Thus it was the American-British war on Iraq that lacked any moral justification and its leaders failed to obtain an international cover. America failed to wring out approval of the UN security council and France announced it would use the veto to prevent the catastrophe, which was a noble stand, and America was forced to wage the war without being able to claim it was implementing resolutions of he international legitimacy but depended on the law of he jungle and the logic of power. The war has disclosed the hidden rancor against the Muslims and their culture because it did not stop at the destruction of buildings, roads and bridges but extended the libraries and treasures of human heritage which the war burned and destroyed. It violated the honour and dignity of the Iraqi citizen who is known by his willfulness and pride and opened the doors before sectarian fanaticism. And now Iraq is engaged with disturbances and troubles. The Arab leaders are to meet a year after the aggression on Iraq in circumstances more complicated on the Palestinian arena and we do not expect from them but what we used to of worrying and precautious expression. Arab leaders do not want to reconcile with their peoples and do not want to review their mistakes. They are determined to follow the course of hard line and extremism inside their countries and concession internationally.