Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/724/Press Review]

March 25 2004

25 Mar 2004
Main headlines
– Yemen denounces the crime of assassinating sheikh Yassin
– Radie citizens complain continuation of their detention
– Deputy prime minister puts the blame on diesel for water exhaustion
The newspaper editor in chief says in his article which he devoted to the assassination of sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the leader of the Palestinian resistance organisation Hamas that humanity woke up last Monday but did not research for details as the occupying state had assassinated a man it completely realizes his role in defending his citizens rights, other less than that has no importance or that state. Outwardly, Israel has comprehended where the danger of sheikh Yassin lies and it fully understands the extent of danger of the results of its crime but as any tyrant is blind to that.
Let's make the incident of assassinating of sheikh a window through which we the program of managing the conflict with the unjust and for the sovereignty of freedom and peace and against occupation and aggression.