Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/730/Press Review]

April 19 2004

15 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Large-scale indignation against the verdict against Saeed Thabit
– Lawyers hold their third conference
– Al-Afif cultural association discusses democracy in Yemen
– Al-Shami calls for resolving the problem of vengeance
– Border crimes; organised gangs for children smuggling
Columnist Zaid al-Shami writes that the occupation of Iraq, destruction of its infrastructure, elimination of its political system, controlling its oil and burning its libraries have not yet satisfy the American greed and have not make it convinced to leave Iraq for its people. America on the contrary has begun the war again by destroying the city of Falluja and exaggerates in shedding the blood of its population, using all types of weapons such the internationally prohibited ones as the cluster bombs. All that is done against the citizen refusing the occupation, that refusal recognised by all international and heavenly laws. What we have been complaining of brutality and crimes against the Palestinian people we find it today repeated in Iraqi cities as more ferocious and brutal. The Americans seem to have no calculation of consequences and they see there is no value of the Arab human and would not care about shedding his blood and strangely enough they demand the Arabs to their hands to those slaughtering their sons and violate their sanctities.
These situations are abnormal and incompatible with our ideology, morals and values. The political and intellectual elites have to undertake their duties and shake the stagnant waters and the Arab rulers have to not bury their heads in sand because in doing so they are writing black chapters in their history.