Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/732/Press Review]

April 26 2004

22 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Abumarzook: Targeting us means failure for Sharon
– Oil flares in the parliament, MP Ali Ashal: We caught h government red-handed with the crime
– Political welcome of the president's promises of increasing the military salaries
– A child expresses her skepticism of Children Parliament elections honesty
– Journalists Syndicate worried about freedoms violations

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in les than a month a new hero falls and the struggler Abdulaziz al-Rantissi joins the long columns of martyrs. We have to stand with firmness against this incident and should be frank with ourselves when we ask about the criminal responsible for shedding of our blood. Is it Sharon and his gang? We would not have any difficulty in defining the biggest side involved in this crime and the ones before it, it is the Bush administration and Bush himself who has given the green light to killing the Palestinians and blessing any crime perpetrated against them.
Our duty at present is to leave our silence, peoples and governments. We have to be frank with this enemy that it is no longer to be tolerant of dealing with this deception and no longer able to like and befriend those who hate us. We have to reconsider our relation with America. What is the use of embassies and ambassadors, delegations and conferences while it deals with us in a way disrespecting us? The duty calls on our peoples to support their brothers in Palestine by demonstrations and support and above all by donating to the resistance. We have to warn the agents who have sold themselves and accepted to be the tools of the crime and treason. Such traitors are present in Palestine and Iraq and presently America is distributing them throughout the Arab and Islamic worlds. Such traitors must be disclosed and chased.