Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/736/Press Review]

May 10 2004

6 May 2004
Main headlines
– While the Islah has condemned terrorist acts in Syria and Saudi Arabia,
– The ruling party launches media campaign against opposition
– Yemen's Students Union confronts attempts of hindering its elections
– Official preparation for amending press law
– Taxation authority deputy: Sales tax would not affect basic commodities
– Gags smuggle them to Saudi Arabia for beggary,
– International committee gets acquainted with conditions of children and women
– Three workers die in Hudeidah sewage
Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in his article our government passes in crises of its making or is party or cause in them. Whenever it comes out of one it looks for another to distract attention from the duties it has failed to do and to bring about a justification for not executing its promises and provide a cover to corruption.
The question of new prices dose is not ripe yet because it has no justification; the parliament is against it an the people are harmed from the ones before it and the scandal of selling oil has not stopped corruption but rather we have heard fiery statements threatening and claiming that the parliament has no right to monitoring an follow-up.
Meanwhile we are surprised by a new campaign against the opposition, particularly against the Islah and YSP aiming at stripping them of patriotism and the direct cause that angered the government is the Islah condemnation of latest blasts in Riyadh. That condemnation changed into a media and political topic preoccupied attention of leaderships and officials, pinning on it Yemen's economic loss, retreat of tourism movement and abstention of the rich world from investing in Yemen.
The question is for how long would this fabrication of crises continue?