Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/745/Press Review]

June 10 2004

3 June 2004
Main headlines
– Criminal court listens to defense of those accused of al-Qaeda affiliation
– A youth killed in defense of his sister
– Teenagers storm headquarters of physicians union, Taiz branch
– MP al-Qadhi: The government dealt with its citizens in Guantanamo with informers mentality
– Consumer protection association warns against insecticides

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in an article the problem is that we seem as if we are without ambition. Official politicians and state run media's great concern is to convince themselves that Yemen is experiencing a great progress and an unprecedented comprehensive development. To confirm this vision they impose it on the visitors who walk through paved streets and are received in tidied offices and prepare for them good receptions and then ask them about their impressions on the country, the civilization, history, progress and democracy and freedom. The visitor would have nothing but to reply according to what is dictated.
Popular and official celebrations held in many areas of the republic and screened by the Yemeni satellite channel calls for sorrow and pity because they depict the Yemenis as if have just come out of a famine. Images of misery on their faces, bare-footed and clad in ragtag and the place where celebration is held bears imprint of backwardness and dust rising over it.
I do not deny that our condition nowadays is better than it was a hundred years before and there are projects constructed, but they are still lagging behind our the required needs and less than they should. The world presently looks for the better and our situations are in need of a comprehensive and future vision exceeding hopes and dreams.