Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/747/Press Review]

June 17 2004

10 June 2004
Main headlines
– Admitting the oil scandal,
– The government asks for two months to preserve reputation
– Trial of officers practiced torture in Taiz,
– Interior ministry refuses sending them to court
– In defense of Al-Qaeda defendants body withdraws from a trial in which the law is trampled
– In students elections, sweeping victory of the opposition

In his editorial the newspaper's editor in chief writes that providing people with information and enabling them to give their judgments on various issues is the task of a journalist. Is it possible to achieve this task under atmospheres of restraints and barriers against the journalists?
There must be praise to the president Ali Abdullah Saleh for issuing his directives to amend the law concerning imprisonment of the journalist but after issuance of those directives there happened that the judiciary issued four imprisonment verdicts against journalists in less than one month, the largest number since the establishment of the unity.