Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/753/Press Review]

July 8 2004

1 July 2004
Main headlines
– Islah parliamentary bloc refuses the increase of taxes
– For his disapproval of legal violations and unreal contracts, Secretary-General of Ibb local council arrests Mahdi in violation of the law
– Hood condemns the killing of civilians and the military in Sa'da, calls for ceasing the military operations

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says inn his article that the new taxes imposed this week would add new burdens on the citizen despite that they had some ease of the full burden of the sales tax that has been postponed for one year. If the companies and factories are going to be damaged by those taxes the citizen alone would suffer from those increases.
The government justifies that by its need of new resources to cover the increase in salaries of the employees but ignores the big increase in prices of oil that amounted to more than 30% due to the rise in prices of the barrel of oil which the government still calculating it as 22 dollars a barrel though it exceeded 35 dollars a barrel.
The general sales tax has been postponed for one year but was not cancelled and the citizen is still threatened with a crime following another.