Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/761/Press Review]

August 5 2004

29 July 2004
Main headlines
– “al-Shoura” before appeals court and “Al-Wasat” before prosecution
– Regarding the case of Works office in Taiz,
– Members of the local council threaten of resignation
– In one week, 4 cases of AIDS in Hudeidah
– A 13-year old child subjected to torture at the Criminal Investigations in the capital
– Female Media Forum training course on press reportage concluded

Columnist Tawakul Karman wrote in her article commenting on remarks made by the prime minister on the necessity of reforming the conscience of the officials as an essential condition for success of economic reform, saying it has been a behindhand discovery. Many and for a long period have said that before.
Since the first day of the beginning in application of the program of the economic reform opposition people and with them many of the reasonable and thinkers in this country remained calling for the necessity that the economic reforms have to be associated with financial reforms by the government and a comprehensive administrative reform. They have argued that without that and in confining the reform to approval of doses and lifting subsidies from food basic stuffs and oil products, that process would be of no value and no impact on life of the citizens. Would not be more than a means for levying properties and embezzling them. The failure lies in those in the government institutions harbouring corrupt consciences and the remedy lies in carrying out a comprehensive administrative reform dictating the ousting of those corrupt persons.