Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/769/Press Review]

September 2 2004

26 August 2004
Main headlines
– Government confirmations on economic growth deterioration
– Threats to the government on vote of non-confidence, PM is having summer vacation
– Because of levying new taxes , Abyan authorities arrest trucks drivers
– An armed gang arrested in Hudeida
– Sudanese ambassador at the Strategic Studies Center: The Yemeni and Arab stand in supporting Sudan was distinguished

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in an article the cause of Palestine has remained the first central issue of the Arab and Islamic nation during the past fifty years. Despite of the Zionists, under an unlimited international support, have built a state and imposed it by force and oppression, continuation of resistance on the Palestinian land and the Arab and Islamic rejection remained as a proof that the cause would not be de;deleted by the passage of time or by the imposition of the fait accompli. The Palestinians are still sacrificing their blood and offering victims in defense of their right and sanctities of their nation. The many stabs and aggressions on the Arab nation have negatively affected the Palestinian cause as there are many wounds bleeding in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechniya, Kashmir and others.
Thirty-five years have passed since the incident of setting fire to the Aqsa Mosque n 21 August 1969 and that was a big incident but the reaction was rather limited. Diggings and acts of sabotage continued around the mosque and the Zionists voices rose by mentioning that the “state of Israel” would have no meaning without the Temple and no meaning of the Temple with the existence of the Aqsa Mosque. Nowadays we hear about new threats against the mosque aimed at demolishing it or to cause explosions round it so that they would lead to its collapse. The state of the Zionist entity feign to showing fears about those threats as if it is not involved in them or not able to prevent that conspiracy. The Arabs and Muslims should not forget the deep wound of Palestine and the Palestinian cause has to be always alive in the souls and the resistance must be supported always.