Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/773/Press Review]

September 16 2004

9 Sept. 2004
Main headlines
– First conference of local councils concluded,
– Rejection of centralism, despotism, and demand for full authorities
– Its losses over $ 100 mullion,
– Government brokerage behind buying the Free Zone
– Amid local and international denunciation, the JMP demands accountability of al-Khiwani kidnappers
– A parliamentarian report on health conditions in three governorates.
– Eighty thousand cases of malaria
– Islah bloc at the parliament rejects Hadramout budget
– Breakthrough of the crisis between al-Jawf tribes and authorities after handing over the detained officer

On its thirtieth foundation anniversary of Al-Sahwa newspaper, columnist Zaid al-Shami says in an article the press has become a forum undertaking the process of enlightenment and education and takes part in resisting injustice and fighting corruption, the press managed to impose for itself a fourth estate due to the influence and effect it effects on the public opinion and on the political decision.
In Yemen, the press has been playing a prominent role since the forties of the last century through which the revolutionaries have expressed their ideas and reforming views. The number of newspapers have increased although a permission for publishing a newspaper is a matter so difficult until the Yemeni unity came and carried with it a big system of changes, among them the freedom of the press that we hope it would continue as the press offers a service to the society and the political system that it criticizes. The publication of al-Sahwa newspaper was a dream waited for by many people because it has added a new platform away from official hegemony.