Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/783/Press Review]

October 21 2004

14 Oct. 2004
Main headlines
– Attempts for admitting a shipment of decayed poultry
– Oil wealth in need of wise leadership
– Arhab college inaugurates the new regulation, security prevent students from celebrating revolution anniversary
– Criminal court adjourn considering al-Qaeda suspects until November
– The president's advisor for sciences and technology: Yemeni successive governments did not offer a thing for scientific research
– In Hudeidah, motorcycle drivers complain of extortion
– Clashes renewed in Al-had district
On the bloody incidents between the Shiites and Sunnis in Pakistan, writer Mustafa al-Fotih says we feel pained and sorry for any drop of blood shed between brethren. The bloody events that took place in the recent time by blasting a Shiite mosque caused the death or wounding of tens of people from worshippers and that was followed with a mosque for Sunnis and also resulted in tens of killed or wounded and also many other incidents that shed abundant blood of the Moslems. The enemy watches such events depicting quarrel and fighting among the Moslems and it benefits from their split and fighting. We realise that the problem between the two sides was not solved and the dispute is so wide. It is wanted from the Sunni and the Shiite brothers in Pakistan to be aware of the conspiracy machinated against them, their unity, and the strength of their country, which is the strength of the Islamic nation entirely. We affirm for our Moslem brethren in Pakistan that the conflict any party other than the enemy benefits the enemy's interest and harms the just issues of the Moslems and represents a kind of cooperation with the enemy in its conspiracy to weaken the nation.