Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/785/Press Review]

October 28 2004

21 Oct.2004
Main headlines
– In a sit-in attended by thousands of students, Students demand dropping the regulation, Basura threatens by leaving the university
– Activists endeavor to amend the law of societies, the government works for controlling foreign funding
– Journalists syndicate and Al-Shoura editorial Staff demand the release of Khaiwani

Columnist Ahmed Othman wrote an article saying the American president has last week signed on a law listing acts prohibited for the world to do among which the prohibition of fomenting against Jews and incriminating criticism against them. The Jews have the right to do what they want and slaughter who they want. Many Americans see the law as fixing of discrimination and a historic shame on America threatening of the inevitable collapse of the American civilization.
America, the very powerful state and the Jews controlling that power would not need for such a law unless the Jews are in need of such a law for raising their deteriorating morale before the fear and horror the brave resistance in Palestine has created. The world and the world fear the Jews but the Arab regimes do not need this kind of a law to be so polite with the Jews. They are so polite that they keep silent towards the massacres that Sharon has been committing especially recently. The resistance alone has not taken care about this law because it did not come after a decision by any one and would not stop by a law issued by anyone. Moreover, this is the bad luck of America and Israel and the Arab regimes that normalized with Israel.