Al-Sahwa [Archives:2004/797/Press Review]

December 9 2004

2 Dec. 2004
Main headlines
– While many MPs deem as against the law, Approval of the additional appropriation is expected
– Some central parties stick to centralization, main hindrances of local authority, Annual conferences a decor and previous decision not implemented
– Workshop on rationalizing the consumption of waters
– Media delegation from Scandinavian countries visits Yemen
– Heedless of the ministry of education, Sana'a University nationalizes the Higher Institute
Columnist Zaid al-Shami writes in his article during the past few years oil barrel price rose from 15 dollars to more than 40 dollars, which is a reasonable rise due to the rise in prices of industrial products whose prices had doubled by more than tenfold during years. Nevertheless this increase
In oil prices is considered as a leap we would do good to our coming generations and ourselves if we directed it towards investment and finding job opportunities and completing the infrastructures of development. The contrary is that if we see it squandered on consumer expenditures.
Our government is still counting the price of an oil barrel in the budget by 22 dollars and it knows it would sell it by no less than 35 dollars per barrel. These differences in prices have supplied the treasury with huge sums of money the parliament had recommended to be deposited in a special account and there must be a studied plan to benefit from them in development. However, the government has made of this increase a crisis it tries to get rid of it in unreal banks and book accounts without including it in the general budget.
Our country suffers from a great backwardness in many fields and this situation can be dealt with by benefiting from the revenues that have come beyond the budget.
It is regrettable that the people are taken advantage of their inattention and thus squandering their riches and changing them into unnecessary and consumer spending under allegation of their being as inevitable expenditures.