Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/803/Press Review]

January 3 2005

23 Dec.2004
Main headlines

– JMP: The dose dangerous to the people and stability

– Oil trade unions leaderships call for speeding up investigation into corruption issues and recovery of Jaheef oil installations

– University professors threaten with all-out strike

– Students Union threaten with raising lawsuit against the University of Sana'a

– British company Dove signs an agreement for taking part in oil production

– WB finances a study for a project of waters and sewage in Aden

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in his article about the price “dose” that it is a nightmare instigating horror in the hearts of the Yemenis because it means an increase in their suffering. It is an act that would tighten the grip around their living life and its results would be fighting agriculture and undermining the national industry, in addition to increasing the number of the poor and expansion in the area of corruption. The price dose would leave negative impact, socially, and morally and that would lead to disturbance and absence of security and spread of crime.

We do not refuse the doses for merely of practicing rejection, as some would like to depict the stance. Refusing doses does not mean we want the state to be run without budgets, but we are ambitious that the budget to be upgrading the economy and public life. We ask for a budget of human and social development, focusing on investment and to pay attention to the essential matters and postpone the formalities and not to become just consumer expenditures. It the doses are the ideal solution, the previous ones could have produced benefits.