Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/807/Press Review]

January 13 2005

6 January 2005
Main headlines

– Islah bloc walks out from the parliament session passing on the dose

– Amidst large-scale warnings against its impact, GPC majority approves the dose

– JMP, Independent blocs reveal the government rigging of budget figures

– Yemeni sociologists warn against consequences of the government economic policies

– Parliament amends elections law

Columnist Rajih Badi says in an article that he follows up syllabus of the government justifications of the new price dose realises that the officials in our country are still addressing the citizen who is living in the twenty-one century in the language used in the fifties of the last century. They still think that he is still that naive person who believes every word said on the radio or written in a newspaper.

It seems that our officials have not yet realised that the ordinary Yemeni citizen has become able of analyzing the news and what is behind it. What is astonishing is the governemnt's insistence on syllabus of this kind of address, which affirms that the reason behind raising prices of oil products is the large-scale process of smuggling those products to neighbourly countries and that to undermine that process, prices of those products should be raised instead of subjugating smugglers to accountability.

The officials statements on cheap prices of diesel in Yemen and its smuggling makes those who do not know about our country think that Sana'a has become a capital of world smuggling operations.