Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/815/Press Review]

February 10 2005

3 February 2005
Main headlines

– In al-Mouyad trial, American prosecution abandons the strongest of the charges against him

– Physicians and pharmacists threaten an all-out strike

– Three states object to Yemen joining the GCC

– 148 cases of violation against public property

– Yemen signs with development partners a document of principles for the achievement of effectiveness of using aid

– Military pensioners stage demonstration in front of the presidency

– Muslim scholars committee skeptical of legitimacy of Iraqi elections

– Yemeni students abroad complain of their bad conditions

– Millions of Yemeni riyals deducted from salaries of teachers in Sana'a.

On absence of countryside women from development plans, writer Abdulhafidh al-Hatami says the major problem facing the Yemeni woman is not issues like early marriage and circumcision, because these can be overcome by improvements to the level of education of rural girls.

More important to Yemeni women in both rural and civilized areas, is access to the basic essentials and health care.