Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/817/Press Review]

February 18 2005

10 Feb.2005
Main headlines

– Islah party holds its second session of the third general conference

– Shoura al-Islah concludes its ordinary session

– Teachers union renews its rejection of financial deductions

– In an exchange of fire, a member of al-Naqeeb tribe wounded

– Oil unionist coordination council accuses parliament members of attempts to stop presidential directives

– In the case of Limburg, the court of appeals sentences to death Majali and Rabeeie and intensifies verdicts on others

– Yemen hands over the kidnapped Saudi citizen to the kingdom's authorities

Columnist Faisal Hassan al-Mikhlafi says in an article he does not accuse the Yemeni opposition as that of statements and condemnations similar to those of Arab summit conferences that did not achieve anything on the ground. It is also not right to make the citizen lose trust in the opposition as he has lost it regarding the authority because that means making him lose confidence in means of democratic change and then he would search for other ways to express his demands.

The opposition has many accomplishments, some are clearly seen and the other some needs from the opposition leadership to clarify so that the people would leave the circle of frustration. The most important gain achieved by the opposition is the making of awareness. It has managed to achieve a reasonable proportion of awakening at various levels.

The citizen does no longer believe that the cause his starvation is the drought in Europe or the bad navigation conditions and other similar illusionary causes the official media try to deceive him with. He has become aware that the corruption of the authority is the main cause of that. True the citizen blames the oipposition, not because it is partner in impoverishing him but because he wants from it stands more resolute to support him. The opposition is the side that discloses falsity of the ruling party media and endeavours to protect the citizen against the deceit. The authority in the past years was considering the talk about corruption a kind of lies resulting from sick mentalities, but nowadays the corruption has become a real fact talked about by the highest ranks in the authority but this stance comes under the attempt to absorb anger no more. This is the result of the opposition media in this regard.