Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/819/Press Review]

February 24 2005

17 Feb.2005
Main headlines

– In a statement by the supreme committee of Islah, Condemnation of GPC'S campaigns against the national personality Sheik Abdullah Bin Hussein al-Ahmar

– Islah renews its sticking to constitutional rights

– Islah condemns confiscation of rights and freedoms, calls for comprehensive reform

– Held the government the responsibility, President of the World Bank warns of economic disaster in Yemen

– Leadership of physicians and pharmacists union praises its members stance, denounces despotic and suppressive practices against its members to prevent strike

– All-out strike by teaching staff at government universities

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in his article the 3rd general conferences of Islah party concluded the meetings of its second session to prove the Islah commitment to the institutional work. The conference has issued a final statement calling for cordiality and fraternity and cooperation in good deeds. The statement announced its condemnation of terror and violence and its condemnation of all acts that would offend our religion, nation and homelands.

The Islah confirmed in its statement its commitment to the legitimate peaceful struggle that is guaranteed in the constitution for obtaining freedoms and rights. It has denounced the wrong practices that violate the human rights, calling for justice, equality and non-discrimination between the sons of the homeland. It has also criticized corruption eating out in the body of the nation and destroying the country.

It has not been expected from the Islah to praise the government and its officials, not just because it is an opposition party, but also because corruption and weakness in performance of the government in administration of the public property have become characteristics of the government. This is what mentioned by the prime minister and not denied by the authority apparatuses. It was expected from the ruling party to deal in positive manner with what the Islah party has submitted in its conference and to discuss and hold dialogue. But, as it is the habit, the ruling party's media and the official media embarked on declaring their war against the Islah and other opposition parties. To continue in refusing the other and showing pride of ones own opinion is an indication of totalitarianism and haughtiness and this would lead only to more political congestion and deterioration.