Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/821/Press Review]

March 3 2005

24 Feb.2005
Main headlines

– GPC apologizes openly to sheik Abdulla al-Ahmar

– The government intends to implement it starting from next July, The general federation of chambers of commerce renews rejection of the sale tax law

– Physicians and pharmacists continue their protest and start the comprehensive strike

– MPs describe official media instruments as still behind the democratic pursuit

– Yemeni students in India lift their sit-in after presidential directives

– Amran disastrous disease affects chicken, official report

– University teachers continue their strike, government ready for dialogue

– In a statement, JMP parties and political forces praise Islah conference and its recommendations

Columnist Zaid al-Shami discusses in his article this week the final statement of the meetings of the fourth session of the GPC permanent committee and congratulating the GPC members. He maintains by saying that the closing statement came as expressing the priorities of the GPC in its organizational aspects and that its visions regarding foreign issues are almost not different from those of the opposition parties in supporting rights of tyrannized peoples in the world especially the cause of the Palestinian people and the situation in Iraq.

However, the GPC's vision towards many of the national issues is subject to difference. We cherished and hoped that those issues could have some kind of reconsideration. Believing that everything is going properly means consolidation of the mistakes.

Among those mistakes ids the belief that the majority in the parliament gives the right to the GPC to confiscate private and public rights of the citizens and means the absolute possession of all the country's potentials while deriving others in order to join the ruling party. This is a matter in need for reconsideration.

The GPC's permanent committee statement also expressed satisfaction of the GPC's continual communication and coordination with political parties and organisations, although this is almost non-existing unless what is meant is merely meeting or attending some occasions. This is not the requested communication with the political parties and forces.

The strange thing was the high evaluation of the development of press freedoms, which is contradicted by the reality. Journalists are at present chased and fought and are found in courts, prosecutions and prisons. The statement has also affirmed encouragement of the government to implement the price dose while it was hoped to be stopped.