Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/837/Press Review]

April 28 2005

21 Apr. 2005
Main headlines

– Welcomed response to its repeated calls, JMP parties name guarantees for dialogue success, waiting for the GPC reply

– Situation of electricity tragic, MP's summon head of the government and finance minister

– University professors threaten with resignations in body from parliament

– Mikati forms a new Lebanese government

– Merchants create black market, government as a spectator, Acute cement crisis, dollar price exceeds 190 riyals

– Arrest decision against journalist Khalid Salman

– Judge al-Hirdi openly apologizes for his soldiers attacks against lawyers Allaw and al-Jaabi

– Teachers Union denounces statements of the ruling party's secretary-general

Columnist Rashad al-Sharaabi writes saying at the beginning of the present academic year a day for democratic lesson was announced at classes of all basic education schools in various governorates. Officials in recent years have talked much about the importance of including concepts and culture of democracy, civil education and human rights into education curricula.

There is nothing wrong about that and no one can compete with our government and its officials with regard of theoretical side. Yemen possesses a legal asset, rarely can be found in any other Arab country, besides of its signing of more than 56 international agreements in the area of human rights.

The problem lies in application and this is negatively reflected on souls of the coming generations that seek to be brought up on democracy and human rights. They do not want to live our experience of totalitarian eras and despotism. What supports our opinion is the tragic situation the university teachers and students are experiencing.

University and other education stages teachers and students are facing a situation of deprivation of rights and violation of freedoms and imposition of entities by the ruling party and fighting partisan pluralism.

What is happening to students of dentistry college students of rights deprivation and violation of freedoms because of distribution of leaflets criticizing he bad situation and demanding for rights, is but an extension to what is happening in Sana'a University and other universities and institutes and secondary schools.

This situation deserves to be pondered by those concerned first and also by all political forces and civil society organisations.