Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/860/Press Review]

July 18 2005

14 Jul.2005
Main Headlines:

– Al-Eslah Emphasized on Political Reform as a Prerequisite for a Comprehensive Reform.

– Al-Eslah Denounces Pressure on Press and Backs Up Teaching Bodies and Physicians.

– The Joint-Grouping Demands Renouncing the Targeted Opposition Policy.

– WB: Investments are Coming down and Good Governance Structures are Fragile.

– Al-Ahmmer Warns of Marketing the Gas without Making Sure of its Quantity and Price.

The paper published the final communique of the Shourah Council of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party(Al-Eslah) The communique expressed the party's views and stances over the different issues as the following:

In the domain of freedoms and rights, the council appealed to the president of the republic to use his mandates to enforce the laws and prevent the constitutional encroachments that occurred frequently. The council called on the government to give up its intervention in the civil society organizations. The council condemned illegal acts and practices against the journalists and the violations of freedom of expression the council stressed the need of political reform as a prerequisite for the overall reform.

With respect to the economic situation, the council called for fighting corruption, reducing poverty and taking the advantage of the surge of oil prices to support the development programs and improving the citizens live conditions.

The council confirmed that Al-Eslah party disapproves the law of wages and salaries for it does not afford the minimum level of modest livelihood for the state's employees

Concerning to media, the council stressed the necessity of impartiality of the public media and demanded official media to stop appraising the ruling party and disseminating the culture of malignance as well as describing anyone who might be anti government policy as a treacherous.