Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/864/Press Review]

August 1 2005

July 28, 2005
Main Headlines.

– A Govt. Brought About Starvation ..and the COCA Charges it with Looting Billions.

– Al-Eslah Demands Investigations to Find out Who Caused Bloodshed.

– Economists: Govt. Retreat Tactic to Defuse Wrath

– Yemenis Appeal to American Judiciary to Release Al-Moay'ad and Zayed.

– Joint Grouping Parties Suspend Dialogue with P.G.C in Protest Against Dose

Al-Sahwah published a detailed report about financial corruption and looting the public funds. The paper reported that the Central Organization for Auditing and Control COCA released a report revealed that the treasury had sustained huge loses last year estimated at 2,5 billion YR and more than one million dollar as a result of 86 of corruption cases. The COCA report which reviewed by the Shoura Council had confirmed that some 6,5 billion YR and $7,3 million were spent even though the required documents were incomplete. Furthermore, about 1,6 billion YR and half a million dollar were spent without any legal warrant. The report stated that the two ministries of Roads and Public Works and Public Health and Population had breached the law of tenders and spent more than19,5 billion YR. Moreover, the retarded projects in a number of governmental bodies calculated some15 billion YR.