Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/878/Press Review]

September 19 2005

15 Sep. 2005
Main headlines

– Tension between parliament and government escalates

– Islah parliamentarians hold ministers accountable

– PM Bajammal questioned at the backdrop of oil ministry corruption

– Islah marks anniversary of its establishment

– Politicians: GPC majority paralyzed the parliament

– Al-Zandani asks the president and parliament members to hold government accountable

– Islah Shoura discusses political reforms and education deterioration

– International reports confirm Yemen retreat to the worse

– Civil society organizations condemn assault on journalists

Abdulmalik al-Shaibani says in his article that America and its tailpieces in Iraq everyday kill and destroy in a ferocious way and at the same time America yells and wails of terror and terrorists, who are really the majority of the free men of the people of Iraq. America did not stop in its screams within what happens in Iraq but went further in its screams in the media by renewing its accusation of Hamas in occupied Palestine as a terrorist organization and it would not deal with any elected members from Hamas in t Palestinian legislative elections. In doing so the United States is condemning itself and its history as terror especially at the stage of its national struggle against the British occupation of its territories moa than two hundred years ago.

The struggle and strife of any people against any usurper of their lands, like Israel in Palestine, is a matter guaranteed and approved by heavenly legislations and international norms and all peoples in the entire world recognize it, even the UN charter stipulates that clerkly.

The American accusations against the Iraqi resistance and against Hamas as medals conferred on the chests of those because they fight the occupiers of their lands.