Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/880/Press Review]

September 26 2005

2 Sep 2005.
Main headlines

– Congratulating the Yemeni people on the Revolution anniversary, The Islah party calls for surpassing the negatives and evaluating the performance

– Renewing it refusal of the policy of doses, Islah Shoura approves the JMP project for political reform

– Press law anew, The government refers the draft law to the Shoura Council with more restrictions

– Interior minister reveals figure of the arrested during the demonstrations and admits the receiving of Yemenis from Guantanamo

– MP Mayou: Justifications of additional appropriation not convincing and justification for the government tampering with public property

Columnist Zaid Ash-Shami writes saying we have constitutional and legal legislations representing groundwork for entering the group of democratic countries and make Shoura (consultation) in which we believe as obligatory for the authority. After the unity, we have held three parliamentary elections, and presidential and local elections and more than one referendum. There are popular and trade unionist organizations, political pluralism, and we have independent and political parties' organ press. Nevertheless the others do not recognize our democracy and put us under the term of emerging democracies and sometimes we are categorized among the states that violate human rights and at the top of the list of countries that practice corruption.

The fact is that the phenomena of democracy and pluralism have not reached yet to the stage of actual and effective practice. The authority is still afraid of the other opinion; it works very hard to change the will of the voter and spends huge amounts of money to prevent the people from getting their rights to wealth and power. Targeting the press and the journalists who expose corruption confirms the direction of gagging mouths and inability to use argument against argument. Are we a democratic country at a time the parliament is unable to hold the government accountable for constitutional and legal violations? That has pushed the MP Aburas to tender his resignation from the parliament explaining that the parliament's inability to call the corrupt to account.