Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/882/Press Review]

October 3 2005

29 Sep.2005
Main headlines

– Islah party congratulates People's Forces Union party

– After initiatives for reformation of the Arab League and the United Nations, Yemeni ideas on development of nuclear non-proliferation system

– Islah condemns Zionist escalation in Gaza

– Increased demands for political reforms

– Politicians demanded development of the experiment, local councils between marginalization and resignation

– In a press conference, People's Forces Union Party secretary general denies any deal with the government, confirms non-compromise regarding its members

Columnist Zaid al-Shami writes an article in which he says the freedom and respect of human rights were the outstanding characteristics of the western modern civilization. Because of that came the launch of technological and construction progress and thus the western countries have become accommodator of expertise and skilled people from all over the world. Regretfully, nowadays we return to the eras of decline that the west had lived when the human becomes without dignity or freedom and this has become reflecting itself on the life of the western citizen. We don't claim that he western civilization has completely fallen down but seems it is the beginning that would lead them to the verge of deep abyss if they continued in their injustice.

Recently, a special Spanish court has sentenced Mr Tayseer Alouni, Al-Jazeerah TV Channel correspondent for seven years imprisonment with fine though he has not committed any crime but that he could convey facts from the midst of reality and exposed his life to danger and has disclosed for the world the brutality of the western civilization and its disregard to humans. He as accused of being affiliated to al-Qaeda organization and that charge was not proved or confirmed and then the case changed to cooperating with terror. The verdict was decided even before his arrest and he only remaining was only searching for a justification. The racist characteristic was also clear in the case of Alouni. Even his nationality as a Spanish did not support him just because he is an Arab and Muslim descendent.

We are today facing new kind of Inquisition Courts reminding us of the fanatic Catholic Inquisition Courts set to examine inhumanely the innocents and there and then they executed the human dignity.