Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/888/Press Review]

October 24 2005

13 Oct. 2005
Main headlines

– Islah party condoles with government and people of Pakistan on the earthquake

– American ambassador denies his statements on halt of democracy in Yemen

– Demonstrations demanding the release of al-Aryan

– Students elections, financial report may be the cause behind postponement

– Minister of civil service promises journalists of an increment appropriate to nature of their job

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says when a catastrophe befalls a state like America or Australia the rich and the poor rush to offer urgent help and relief and soon the impact of destruction is contained, the affected are rescued and the killed dead bodies are evacuated. He says this does not happen when such disasters befall the Muslims and only small help is offered, citing the world's dealing with the tsunami earthquake last year. The efforts were little to the extent that America was desisting from informing those states on predictions that its monitoring apparatuses spread all over the world.

If we have to put the blame on the fanatic west and the east weighing under burdens of its woes, blame should be put also on the Muslims themselves who have appeared to be unable to stand by themselves and to make preparations to encounter these catastrophes. There are no effective initiatives, correct mechanisms or future vision although Islam has dictated cooperation in such instances.

The regimes in power in the Islamic world countries are preoccupied in protecting and keeping their stay and getting closer to the west at the expense of their peoples' security and stability. They busy responding to American pressures to fight charitable societies and relief organizations all over the Islamic world. These organizations have become accused and watched and many of them have been closed down and therefore the popular effort has become weak.