Al-Sahwa [Archives:2005/904/Press Review]

December 19 2005

15 Dec.2005.
Main headlines

– The World Bank reduces its assistance to Yemen by 34%

– In the Arab European dialogue symposium, Al-Ansi stresses the importance of dialogue, accuses dictatorships and Zionist media of marring the Arabs image

– Presidential elections a factor for realization of the JMP initiative

– JMP initiative demands full independence of the central bank

– Yemen's fresh endeavors to join the GCC

Columnist Zaid al-Shami writes on the American secret prisons wondering how much those admirers have shown their admiration of what the west has attained of freedom, respect for human rights and his dignity. That glitter very soon faded at the first test. America has disclosed its reality after the events of September 2001 and abandoned its principles and values. It has confiscated freedoms and violated human rights and gave itself the right to create havoc on earth by depending on its power and away from ethics, freedoms and ideals by violating international conventions and human norms.

America did the same against those who it suspects in pursuing them and founded a large network of secret prisons in Europe and many other areas of the world. There in those prisons there are no laws and detainees are brutally tortured and treated as animals. They are punished without certain charges and have no right to defend themselves and their families do not know there whereabouts. America does not feel embarrassment in violating human rights as long as that is done outside its territories.

What happens today proves that the bright picture the west was keen to draw about itself was nothing but deceit and trick. The racist vision by which it considers others is the governing criterion of its behavior and that is an indication of its collapse