Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/1000/Press Review]

November 20 2006

16 Nov. 2006
Main headlines

– Economic disarray, the government paralyzed

– Interior minister walks out of parliament session after MP Hashid accused him of lying

– Hysterical rise in prices and judiciary discloses the government lies

– Politicians: saving the country begins from inside, the political will for reform stronger than begging to solve our problems

– Al-Saadi: Mechanism of the GPC is for laughing at people and its results are known

Writer Zaid al-Shami says in his article after the end of the elections the prices jumped up high. Food stuffs, wheat, flour, rice, sugar, imported and local products, construction materials, meats, chicken; eggs have all risen as if the prices were waiting the whistle of the start and so they did. The prices skyrocketed while the government stood looking at what is happening as id the question does not concern it and suffering of the citizens concerns some other side.

Up until now we have not heard a logical justification for this sudden rise in prices of all materials and goods. Some interpreted it as a compensation for the private sector for what it has spent in the elections and others exaggerated by alleging that it is a pre-designed agreement and electoral deal to be faced by government silence but accompanied with threat that has no effect on the ground.

The justifications that ascribe the rise in prices to the freedom of trade and the market economy and sometimes it is said due to the world expensiveness as causes and in other time they claim that the state of drought that happened in some countries of the world as the cause.

At all events the question remains why all that has happened in our country alone after the end of the elections? what has the state done to raise the standard of the citizen and what are the strategies it has adopted for the establishment of stability and securing the dignified life for the citizens?