Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/1004/Press Review]

December 4 2006

30 Nov.2006
Main headlines

– At the first anniversary of the announcement of the JMP's project for the comprehensive national and political reform, the JMP expanded conviction of the elector on the necessity of linking his vote to his living

– The finance minister admits the government spent the additional appropriation before being approved by parliament

– Islah headquarters in Lahj stormed and the YSP headquarters in Aden demolished

– MP Mithhih al-Ahmar denies his bodyguard clash with security

– Clashes returned in Saada, the governor stays in Sana'a

– Yassin calls on the government to deal in transparency with the opposition

– Yemeni solidarity week with the Palestinian people

– Yemen journalists protest to verdict against Rai AlA'am newspaper

Writer Zaid al-Shami wrote in his article say that corruption is destroying every beautiful thing in our life, it destroys souls, sows hatred, cracks the structure, brings life movement to standstill and stops development as well as shaking the general order. Corruption also squanders public property and makes the society lose justice.

Corruption begins small and when it finds a suitable environment it grows and flushes and becomes stronger and then changes into usual behavior all the society recognizes it.

The problem becomes more aggravated when corruption becomes a phenomenon associated with denial of its existence and an attempt to give it an attire of patriotism and an accomplishment. Not acknowledging the disease makes it eat deep into the body till it destroys what is remaining of its health.

But when corruption is connected with the homeland and the people and their performance the fall will be resounding and the catastrophe unbearable. Corruption in our country deprives us of sympathizing of brethren and friends who have been talking about it openly and in hint sometimes. A foreign expert has once said that corruption in has once said that corruption in Yemen has become an establishment and a system.

At present and after long waiting we hear confession of corruption existence and a public announcement and return to right is much better than insisting on the wrong and this is the beginning of the road leading to treat this phenomenon.

The government has presented a draft law on fighting corruption and it is hoped that with it there is possibility of putting an end to corruption and wiping out its impact.

It is realized that corruption will not be eliminated by just passing laws and it must be removed from hearts, considering it a bad conduct. This comes through educating the young ones and enlighten the adults until all forms of corruption become a hated and despised act nonetheless education and enlightenment alone are not sufficient and there must be some strictness with the corrupt and retrieve what they have taken and hold them accountable for their acts to be an example for others.

After the law on fighting corruption is passed and the national committee entrusted with implementing it is formed as the law stipulates we will have to have a will and general orientation to pursue reforming what had been damaged.