Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/1006/Press Review]

December 11 2006

7 Dec. 2006
Main headlines

– Islah shoura calls on the government to carry out its duties

– World Bank: Authority wrong policies complicated Yemen's problems and hindered reform efforts

– GPC parliamentary bloc withdraws from parliament session, the government refuses to explain destiny of billions Authority kidnaps opposition activists

– JMP challenges acceptance of the GPC candidate in Hudeidah by-elections

Writer Zaid al-Shami says in his article6the presidential and local elections have effected political and social shock and unprecedented mobility. It was expected that would give positive results to our life in general. The authority heard strong criticisms people were whispering during the time before the electoral season and the voices got higher during the elections. That has provided opportunity for straightening performance of the authority and its feeling of the citizens suffering. Then came promises of not repeating the mistakes and the necessity of tackling the impact of differences and conflicts to move to a new situation, a situation where the citizens live equal in rights and duties.

Although we have heard more than once the speeches of the president calling for turning over the chapter of elections and considering all as citizens entertaining full rights, the latest of which has been president Ali Abdullah Saleh speech in Aden during his meeting with leaderships of local councils of Aden, Lahj and Abyan but it seems that some would understand those speeches in the opposite meaning. Officials and influential practice various kinds of suppression and vengeance from employees, students and citizens who have taken part in the elections and have stood with parties of the Joint Meeting Parties or in adverse to stands of the ruling party, including who have some opinion from members of the ruling party.