Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/914/Press Review]

January 23 2006

19 Jan. 2006
Main headlines

– Islah party: Rima elections flagrant falsification of the people will, we will think before participation in any future democratic process

– GPC government inaugurates the New Year with rise in prices

– Islah sends condolences on Kuwait's Emir Decease

– Amid official secrecy, confrontations between Al-Huthi supporters and government forces renewed in Saada

– International report, no economic freedom and corruption a Yemeni outstanding problem

– Urgent need to change it, Elections supreme Commission biased to the ruling party

– Teachers Union Higher Council holds session to take decision regarding resuming of protests

– Head of Health Committee accuses the government of negligence, demands for preventive measures against bird flu

– The government refers the free zone agreement to the parliament

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in his article that advocates of reform mostly stick to the right and sacrifice for it but in most cases do not care about what comes after that. They may win and achieve their goals in removing the wrong and then leave the stage of life to others. In many cases, opportunists would come forward to invest efforts of the strugglers and believers in principles and noble values to resume making of falsity anew and thus efforts of reformers go in vain.

Owners of calls and principles self-denial towards taking part in building the life and establishment of the state is a kind of improper self-denial. It might be an escape from shouldering the responsibility. It is illogical that the sincere should escape and should not give in to pressures of accusations that make them distance themselves. Success is made by facing the reality and overcoming of desires and instincts of the self. Power is not a target by itself but rather the most successful and powerful means for the realization of principles and service of the society. And this is a question very difficult to be carried out by individuals, groups or political parties whatever their capabilities were.

We hear nowadays some call showing pity and keenness towards Islamic movements taking part in the political life under the assumption that they would submerge their brilliant struggling history and would be unable to achieve something on the ground. This opinion I see as unwise. For instance, no one can question the strife of Hamas movement in resisting the occupation, as one of the fruits of that resistance was withdrawal of the Israeli occupation from Gaza Strip. Is then a shame for Hamas to participate today in the political life and the task of building and construction?