Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/928/Press Review]

March 13 2006

As-Sahwa weekly
– JMP announces its vision for free and upright elections, threatens to resort to people's peaceful protest

– Yemeni American agreement to lift Zindani name from terror list

– Islah secretary general discusses with the American ambassador the elections and Sheikh Zindani issue

– Student's security regulations, Warnings against instigation of conflict in the university

– GPC's campaign of accusations against Bin Shamlan denounced

Columnist Zaid al-Shami writes an article on the visit to Saada governorate by a group of parliamentarians. He says the visit made by a group of members of parliament to the governorate of Saada was meant for dissemination of assurance and healing the wounds and to prove that things returned to previous situation. The patriotic feeling was the motive behind the MPs action and to achieve meanings of fraternity and to see the security situation and stability in the governorate.

All feel with satisfaction for the end of seditions and wars and all wish that cordiality and harmony prevail the area and that the government, people, sheiks and political parties should work for deepening the meanings of fraternity and reconciliation. That is the best in the relationship among the people.

The surprise is that the visit had changed into electoral propaganda for the ruling General People's Congress, but in the improper time and venue. The people there are in need to cure their wounds and assure their souls especially that the consequences of destruction and dead bodies of he victims were still before their eyes. No doubt, many of the MPs taking part in the visit had felt a kind of embarrassment because the visit diverted from its noble goal and purpose to untimely election propaganda.