Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/936/Press Review]

April 10 2006

6 Apr 2006
Main headlines

– Dialogue setback after the GOPC backed down from its promises, JMP expresses disappointment; observers do not consider it a surprise

– Educational Unions hold the ministry responsible and threaten of maintaining protests if violations continue

– Official campaign against journalists syndicate, IPI considers the year 2005 the worst year of Yemeni press

– A disease kills tens of cattle in Utmah

Writer Zaid al-Shami says the past months have witnessed peaceful demands by Yemeni teachers working in public, technical and vocational schools. The demands focused on putting pressure on the government to meet its commitments to implement the law of wages and salaries that had become valid since July 2005. The government is still selecting the parts of the law it wants and postpones those articles of the law it does not want. The teachers insistence on their demands and patience in the face of harm and pressures as well as some of them exposure to arbitrary transfer and other kinds of harassment, made them more patient and persistent in their demands.

In its attempt to tackle the problem, the government ahs settled the situation of more than 29 thousand cases and promised to settle any grievances reaching it. The government also approved spending a job nature allowance by 110% of teachers salary.

Although wisdom was absent in dealing with issues of teachers, we have to admit that teachers should thank the government for recognizing some of their rights and promising to implement the law of wages and salaries.