Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/938/Press Review]

April 17 2006

13 Apr 2006
Main headlines

– JMP denounces threats against Dr Yassin

– Parliament Speaker Sheikh al-Alahmar back home in a few days

– Deputy Chairman of elections supreme commission al-Akwaa: Formation of electoral committee was not done in a legal form

– New corruption scandal, The government hires electric power station with more than its price

– In protest against the new rules, Sana'a University students hang on red badges

– Parliament approves allowing motorcycles used inside the capital

– Lawyer Allaw: Constitutional amendments aimed at inactivating the parliament, democracy scene miserable

– vengeance acts, clashes and different incidents claim lives of more than 25 Yemeni citizens

Columnist Zaid al-Shami says in an article our nation had squandered potentials and energies in disputes and that had led to weaken its and therefore it has become imperative for its leaders to bridge gaps and solve the problems. That would enable facing challenges with the spirit and efforts of one team. That does not deny the multi opinions and ideas.

Yemen experiment of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) in Yemen has received admiration from many from inside and outside. However the idea is still difficult to be comprehended by some observers who see partnership and coordination among trends that seemed until recent past very difficult to meet because those trends had engaged in conflicts that left deep scars in their relations.

We find those observers arouse many queries about such partnership and feel unhappy about any meeting grouping energies and uniting efforts, as if dissention is the rule and not the meeting. Many times we may read articles in some newspapers expressing astonishment about meeting of the YSP with the Islah, the Nasserite and the Baath parties with Al-Haq party and Union of the People's Forces. They consider that as disharmony. Nevertheless the experiment of the JMP has passed through a period of time that surmounted difficulties and challenges. We cannot deny that the past remained for sometime influencing the present but the trust got consolidated day by day putting in mind the interest of the people in general and that would help encircling corruption and injustice and more than that its does good for the ruling party.