Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/940/Press Review]

April 24 2006

20 Apr 2006.
Main headlines

– Al-A'nisi withdrew from meeting in protest to vulgar words of al-Barakani

– Meeting with the president did not com out with a result

– After its failure to gain political parties trust, the Supreme Commission commits more violations

– At Al-Sahwa symposium, politicians: The parliamentary system distinguished by its ability to achieve stability

– In a message to the president: JMP: Volume of challenges to block reforms unless there are free elections

– Meeting of JMP branches in governorates approves a project on tasks and directions of the JMP work for the next stage

– Council of Yemen Journalists Syndicate fixes June for a meeting to elect its chairman

– Fresh government scandal in Container Port in Aden

– Teachers Union Chairman: The president is the only one able to do us justice

Columnist Zaid Ash-Shami says in an article voter registering is a right of citizens who are legally eligible to register their names in their hometowns or where they live or where the place where they work. It should also be known that political differences do not contradict giving this right and all have to get used to respecting the laws.

Despite of the objections expressed by the opposition parties on performance of the Supreme Commission for Elections, it does not mean the citizen gives up his constitutional right to make the political life. The citizen is partner in authority and wealth. As much as he is asked to bear woes and disasters he must take part in the decision directly or indirectly, as stipulated in the constitution and the law.

It is no secret that from its beginning, the electoral process is associated with means of tricks and the use of authority and the people's potentials in favor of the ruling party in a way led to prevalence of corruption and tyranny. Nevertheless, the resisting of violations and disclosure of mistakes and the use of legal ways to prevent this deviation is a legal duty of the political forces and with them the citizen.