Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/950/Press Review]

May 29 2006

25 May 2006
Main headlines

– Accused the Supreme Commission of insisting on violating the constitution, The JMP warns of the regime's lacking of legitimacy after the upcoming elections

– New international report: Yemen rapidly approaches the failing states, the authority culture an impediment before stabilizing of democracy

– The carnival festival changes into early electoral propaganda

– Al-Ahmar to al-Sahwa: The ruling party pushes people to revolution

– The YSP agrees on al-Barakani proposal for forming investigation committee into 1994 war and its ramifications

Writer Zaid al-Shami says our country needs the necessities of infrastructures whose existence in the advanced countries has become something ordinary. Asphalted roads, electricity services in the countryside, pure waters, health services, education and social security and others have become gains they no longer talk about but they are looking for prosperity and comfort of the citizen and trying to find a foothold for their homelands among the countries of the world. We the Yemenis have the right to dream to have ambition reaching to it, though we today only aspire for completing the infrastructure of development.

Our country has lived a period of backwardness and we should not have our thinking focusing on 50 yeas that have elapsed. With our unity today and our available potentials and resources we can accomplish much, particularly the necessities. It is not becoming tat our thinking remains on the field of electricity increase and not reasonable not to have an autobahn linking he main cities and it is no longer acceptable that 70% of the population remains without pure waters and more than 50% percent without health services and more than 50% groaning under illiteracy. When there are occasions we appear as if we are living in a barren desert lacking of everything. The provincial capitals of the governorates where festivities are held are unable to host ten thousand visitors as thee are no enough hotels and restaurants to feed this small number of people.