Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/952/Press Review]

June 5 2006

1 June 2006
Main headlines

– JMP leadership meets the European Parliament

– Sheik al-Ahmar: The president is not bound by any pressure regarding his nomination

– American attorney discloses about suffering of 500 prisoners in Colorado prison, including al-Mouayad and Zaed

– Following much controversy about it, The president orders withdrawal of the free zone agreement with Dubai

– Delegation of parliamentarians against corruption back in Sana'a

– Al-Mukalla welcomes the Yemeni-Saudi Coordination Council on its soil

– Motorcyclists set fire to three motorcycles in protest to the authority treatment

Writer Zaid al-Shami writes saying the political system in Yemen is based on political pluralism and the people are the owner and source of power. The public service or funds are not the right of anyone to be used in interest of any political party or organization. All the citizens are equal in rights and general duties and the constitution bans using the armed forces and police in favor of any party or individual or a group. Those have been excerpts from the constitution that gives the citizens and political parties the right to competition for power (local, parliamentary and presidential). Elections are not considered fair and right but through competition among more than one candidate.

Preparations have begun for the local and presidential elections and the political parties have demonstrated the broad lines of their platforms. The General People's Congress (GPC) call to keep things as they were especially after it has been able to control all powers and no longer needs to listen to the other, let alone permitting partnership or changing the peaceful transfer of power into a fact.

As for the JMP it has submitted a project for tackling the failures and called for effecting a balance between the authority and the responsibilities. The constitution has given large authorizes to the president of the republic without pinpointing specific responsibilities. When the president became himself the leader of the ruling party the citizen has been left without a reference to complain to and present his grievance or demands for his rights. The only way for preserving ones rights was then to join the GPC. The insistence on changing the elections to a ring for wrestling is an apparent attempt to prevent the JMP from going ahead in the competition for the local and presidential election.