Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/954/Press Review]

June 12 2006

8 June 2006
Main headlines

– JMP refuses formation of polling committees, renews its sticking to reformation of elections process

– During the 4th teachers conference, sheikh al-Ahmar criticizes the decision of punishing protesters

– Yemeni-Saudi relations after the final signing of borders agreement

– Palestinian acceptance for conducting dialogue in Sana'a

– Condemned arresting their activists, JMP branches in the governorates demand their leadership for quick decision its presidential nominee

– Controversy on next journalists chairman and terms of candidacy

Writer Zaid al-Shami writes saying our state is still knocking at all doors in quest of loans and assistance. The history of our governments is associated with asking assistance from others. When politicians and media men talk about bilateral cooperation with other states the meaning is confined to what the friendly and sisterly countries would offer us of grants and loans.

Our problems do not lie in shortage of self resources but in the misconduct, in the corruption that kills everything, in the irrational management of public funds. We feel sad and pained for the image presented about our people and describing them as needy. If we do not help ourselves others' assistance would not benefit us.

Our state hastens its steps to join international, regional, Gulf, Asian and African organizations, goes everywhere presenting our problems and the difficulties we are facing and gets some assistance.

Today we want to join the Gulf Cooperation Council and the brothers in the Gulf States tell us frankly that our economy is need of qualification and its prerequisites are estimated at more than $ 40 billion. Some of our officials have thought that the Gulf States will open their treasuries and pay the required amount in order to get the full membership of the GCC. However, the qualification begins with the wise governance and the clean and competent management, the independent judiciary and security and stability and all that should be done by us.