Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/958/Press Review]

June 26 2006

22 Jun 2003
Main headlines

– GPC holds on to the president

– JMP announces its candidate to presidential elections in a few days

– Qahtan: Correction of elector record a prominent gain of the agreement between the JMP and the GPC

– Islah Shoura approves active participation in the presidential elections

– Al-Yadoumi: Implementation of the agreement with the GPC depends on its seriousness

– Influential parties exercise pressures for the release of corrupt medicines

– Al-Basheer pledges to lead resistance against any military intervention

– Sheikh Al-Mouayad appeals to all to work for ending his ordeal

Writer Zaid Al-Shami says finally there has been a signing of an agreement of principles between the General People's Congress (GPC) and parties of the JMP. Although the articles of the agreement came in articles of he constitution or as a translation of those articles but the dialogue about them continued more than six months and reached at a deadlock more than once as efforts and time have been wasted and it could have been now in a better situation.

All of us are now in need of resuming confidence that faded away during the past years. This confidence cannot be restored in an overnight. There must be time and practices enhancing it, especially that the previous period has depended the culture of exclusion and insistence on not accepting the other.

What concerns us is the enforcement of the agreement to rectify mistakes of the electoral record where in some constituencies the number of those registered exceeded the number of the inhabitants. Many are not trustful of the GPC commitment because agreements had been signed with them in the past and were not put into force. But the leadership of the JMP has to frankly tell the brothers in the ruling party about any case of violation and if they will not find commitment and credibility they have open options regarding the elections.