Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/966/Press Review]

July 24 2006

20 July 2006
Main headlines

– The legal team suspends its tasks, The JMP accuses the GPC of aborting the process of correcting voters record

– Bin Shamlan announces his election program

– Associated with approaching time of elections, arbitrary sentences against the press

– The NDI: Voter tables hinder development of democracy and achievement of reform

– JMP condemns the Zionist crimes in Lebanon and Palestine

Columnist Zaid Al-Shami discusses in his article the Israeli open war on Lebanon saying the Israeli military aggression on Lebanon and before it the on Gaza Strip has caused huge destruction and disclosed savagery and barbarity perpetrated by gangs alleging they are a state.

This state was imposed by powers of international hegemony in the region. Those powers give legitimacy to the brutal conduct of Israel and protect it at the UN Security Council. The victims of the Israeli aggression are counted in hundreds of killed or wounded most of them are children, women and elderly people.

There is comprehensive destruction of infrastructure and all that under allegation of demanding the release of three Israeli soldiers arrested by the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance movements while thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners are in the Israeli prisons and no one demands fort heir release.

The battle has disclosed the amount of indifference of the Arab states, otherwise how could Israel launch its war of aggression on Lebanon from sea, air and on land. There is no resistance to the war by the Lebanese government and the Hezbollah is left alone to confront the Israeli aggression with its limited military capabilities.