Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/970/Press Review]

August 7 2006

3 Aug 2006.
Main headlines

– JMP condemns Qana massacre

– JMP parliamentary blocs denounce the government's incomplete implementation of wages law

– Teachers implement their great demonstration and stage sit-in in front of the presidential palace

– Al-Janadi admits failure of the Elections Supreme Commission in controlling official media

Writer Zaid al-Shami says in his article that is well-known that armies are built for defending homelands, protecting the people, preserving independence and sovereignty, repel the aggressors and providing stability for peoples so that they devote their efforts to construction and development. In the Arab countries he defense budgets uses up more than one third of the state budget and it is surrounded with secrecy. Even parliaments are not acquainted with its details for the purpose of war strategy lest it should be leaked to the enemy.

After more than half a century of preparation, modernization and armament of Arab armies, it has become clear that their existence and non-existence is the same. These armies did not achieve a victory in battles and did not preserve the homelands. They did not defend and preserve the dignity of the Arab citizen and did not gain a victory against the foreign enemy. All that they are good at are the military parades in national celebrations and fight the citizens if they demonstrated against misery and suffering from wrong policies.

The aggression taking place against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples is continuing without any reaction from by Arab armies. This makes us wonder about the role of the Arab armies, the Lebanese army and armies of the frontline countries. Where the Lebanese army and why does the Zionist enemy takes the freedom of violating Lebanon's space, sea and land? Moreover the Arab system blames Hezbollah for confronting this aggression and demands, along with Israel and America, to disarm Hezbollah. It is as if the problem of Lebanon is the existence of this resistance that preserves some dignity of the nation. Had the Arab armies been at the frontlines with the enemy such a demand would have been a subject of discussion and the resistance could be asked to leave the frontlines and be supportive for the army. It is not reasonable or acceptable to give the priority to the Zionist enemy interest and install a barrier preventing the resistance from repelling its aggression

What the Palestinian people are suffering of Arab besiege comes in the context that protects the Zionists from the Palestinian resistance. If the Arab armies had once stood up to the enemy, the equation would have been changed and we would have been in a better position.