Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/972/Press Review]

August 14 2006

7 Aug 2006.
Main headlines

– Bin Shamlan: The ruling party employment of official media in propaganda for its candidate a disgraceful practice

– Anti-corruption MP resigns from the General People's Congress

– Sheikh Al-Ahman reiterates his support for the resistance in Lebanon

– A GPC local council member bites his colleague and cuts his ear

– JMP press conference defines the stance versus violations of the Election Supreme Commission

Writer Ahmed Uthman says n an article the Islamic countries summit succeeded despite of the group of Arab rulers who had on purpose failed to attend it. Those rulers have been causing us a headache with their wishes that no open war would break out with which to give Israel a lesson in respecting others. According to observers the Islamic appeared serious and void of demagogy and ended with a noticeable success that would not have been achieved had the Arabs attended it. Thus the leaders of non-Arab Islamic countries have dealt a scorning slap to those slaves.

In an answer to a question regarding the reason why the Arab rulers were absent from the Islamic summit conference, an Arab foreign minister replied that their absence was because they were busy with the war on Lebanon. The minister did not specify with what those Arab rulers were busy or with whom, but the excuse was worse than the Arab rulers.

The other slap came from the Venezuelan president Chavez who had summoned his ambassador from Tel Aviv in protest to the massacre to which the Arab people of Lebanon are exposed at a time Arab ambassadors were still in harmony with Israel and busy in defending Israeli prisoners with Hezbollah and Hamas.

Chavez and leaders of the Islamic countries all represent their peoples and democratically elected and each of them will leave power after the end of heir presidency tenure without tumult, handing over the power to those who will continue the task.