Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/974/Press Review]

August 21 2006

14 Aug. 2006
Main headlines

– JMP runs elections with one slate

– Intentioned impedance of JMP candidates in local elections, some are deleted from voters records

– Resignations in Body from the GPC Hudeida and Shabwa

– Educational unions in Taiz warn against outflanking their demands

– Campaign of the GPC presidential candidate violates every agreement

– Sharp criticism of the third five-year plan and skepticism in the government ability to implement it

Dr Abduljalil al-Soufi sys in an article the electoral media address is considered among the most important basic elements for the success of the presidential and local elections which the Yemenis inside and abroad are waiting for. And due to the importance of the role the media is expected to play in enlightening the electors on contents of the democratic process all the official, partisan and private sector means of media should pay attention to this national role entrusted with them.

It is indicated that the electoral propaganda to be an attempt to influence tendency of the voters and to try to win them aiming at winning in the election by gaining the bigger possible figure of votes. The more we approach the legal date for beginning the propaganda as stipulated in the election law we find that the media practices the election propaganda at an earlier date, which is a violation of the law.

The important thing that the executive officials in the media, the journalists and writers must pay attention to in the coming period is the dependence on and adoption of high and developed styles of the media address that must live to the event and democracy. The media men should keep away from trivialities and cheap ways in handling this event.

The electoral propaganda should accost the reason and noble sentiments and depend on the logic in displaying the facts, reveal their sources and trends. The propaganda should also adopt legal and moral styles.

The other means of propaganda is that which address instincts and emotions and adopt lies. It would not disclose their sources or define their directions and goals. These ways of propaganda are not legal and immoral.

The third type of propaganda which in between the two above depends on some of undeniable facts and keenly add to them lies arranged in a purposeful manner a recipient could be deceived by and believe them.

The professional journalist who respects his profession and value its value in the society would find himself biased to the first type of propaganda and the styles that address the reason, logic and reality.