Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/978/Press Review]

August 4 2006

31 Aug.2006.
Min headlines

– Change, the solution

– Bin Shamlan: We shall make Yemen happy anew

– JMP refuses to deliver names of its representatives in sub-committees but after its receipt of the electronic record

– JMP condemns editing of paragraphs of its electoral platform

– Military commanders practice election propaganda, foment against opposition

writer Zaid al-Shami says in an article the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) has decided its position in the adoption of political struggle as its program and approach for changing the situations and embarked educating its bases and supporters to fully realize this is the best means for wringing out the rights and achieve justice and equality. Consequently, there is no need for wars, conflicts and vengeance and the use o force. The alternative of all that are the dialogue, agreement and balloting boxes as well as acceptance of the results.

This culture that is deepening day by day among bases of the JMP is alternative of the wrong mobilization that provokes the members and makes them hostile. And although peaceful struggle needs longer time, its consequences are good and fruits are sure for the individual, the society and the state. The results will be quick if the ruling party obliged itself to the same approach and educated its members on meanings of dialogue, acceptance of the other. If it continues in the way of aggression with power, authority and money and imposing the opinion by the force of arms and frightening the citizen that change will threaten the unity, and end stability and security, this will slacken speed of the wheel of change but could not stop it.

The writer expresses his regret towards what he describes as ill practices by some officials in the ruling party, such as hostile statements and tearing photos of the JMP candidate. He says we are in dire need of the culture of peaceful transfer of photos before talking about peaceful transfer of power. If this situation continues in this way, how would it be in the day of voting and counting of votes and where would it stop after announcement of results?