Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/988/Press Review]

October 9 2006

5 Oct. 2006
Main headlines

– Arrests of members of electoral committees continue

– JMP discloses GPC's tendencies for changing results of Ibb local councils elections

– Al-A'nisi: The public opinion not satisfied over results announced by the authority, JMP will focus on reforming the election process

– Journalist accompanied the president in his election campaign discloses the elections “black file”

– Arrests and pursuits against JMP activists

– Gunmen led by a GPC sheikh threaten deputy chairman of election commission

Writer Zaid al-Shami says in his article there are still many leaders, including those from the ruling party, who want competition being forced and to trespass the limits, forgetting that our political system is based on political pluralism. The constitution stipulates that competition is a condition for the selection of president to the republic and the parliament has to recommend at least three candidates for the post, the direct elections will not be proper unless there are two candidates at least. It is a must to publish this culture to be part of the awareness of all. This culture is activation of the principle of consultancy, right of the citizen and a contract that must be implemented by the ruler and the ruled subjects, thus what is wanted is reducing of damage of competition and its ramifications.

The ruling party and parties of the opposition will ponder and consider results of the elections for the purpose of studying and rectifying so that each will work for avoiding shortcomings. I want to point out here that the results are bigger than the proportion of votes or number of local councils seats. and rush of the public was not the end of the distance. Parties of the JMP were not able to preserve voices of their supporters whose votes had been confiscated in a way or another and they were unable to stop violations that observers had seen and recorded, in addition to that representatives were not able to limit them and some exposed to beating or expulsion.