Al-Sahwa [Archives:2006/990/Press Review]

October 16 2006

12 October 2006
Main headlines

– Asked September newspaper for apology, sheikh Hamid denies threatening al-Shatir considering what was published continuation of lies

– JMP honors Bin Shamlan

– Journalist Abid al-Mahthari released, Ali al-Dailami still under arrest

– In compatibility with content of his political program, Al-A'anisi: The JMP with direct election of governors heads of districts

Writer Zaid al-Shami says in his article parties of the JMP did not commit violation when they participated in the presidential elections and thus there is no way for blaming them or to ask them to apologize for running the competition. Those parties should be thanked to have accepted the participation despite that the agreement of principles was not carried out as well as the mismanagement in all courses of the election process remained as they were. Even announcement of the results were without official statements. This means that taking part in election was a kind of sacrificing the private interests and giving precedence to to9 the public interest.

If the JMP did not participate in the elections were they to have any taste or importance/ thus repetition of talk about pardoning and forgiveness of those parties loses its meaning and has nothing to justify it. It is otherwise if the opinion of not permitting competition is the rule that must followed and this case competition becomes a guilt whose doers have to repent for it. It is good thing to open a new chapter and forget what happened during the elections campaign of offenses and mistakes that should not have happened. It is also good to look forward to new programs taking lessons from the constructive criticism of the policies that led our people to be the poorest in the world.

The call for a news chapter should be for the authority and the opposition at the same time. But in the case the authority media to continue attacking parties of the JMP and focus on praising the authority it will consolidate the mistakes.