Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1016/Press Review]

January 15 2007

11 Jan. 2007
Main headlines

– Media leaks on formation of a new government

– Islah's 4th general conference committee approves necessary measures fro the conference success

– Al-Attiyah affirmed postponement of holding investment conference for its coincidence with other activities and for providing more opportunities

– Sheikh al-Ahmar calls on Palestinian factions to resort to reason arbitration

– Politicians: The way of executing Saddam a big insult to the Arabs and Muslims

Writer Zaid al-Shami says in an article the Palestinian people have given the greatest examples of sacrifice and tolerance and have stood fast like mountains in the face of occupation. Thus they deserve to be the example to be followed by those clinging to their rights and those defending their freedoms. That has also changed into an achievement as a result of unity of the Palestinian rank and all Palestinian resistance organization direction to facing the usurper enemy.

The regrettable thing is that matters did not continue as it is wanted. Resistance to the Palestinian government led by Hamas escalated to be in harmony with the American and Israeli stands against it, especially under the Arab humiliation that tightened the grip on the Palestinian people

We hope that the brothers in Fatah and in Hamas that they give priority to the general interest to the private ones. They should not allow whosoever to drag them to a domestic sedition that will destroy the accomplishment of resistance and to push them back to the zero point.