Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1018/Press Review]

January 22 2007

18 Jan. 2007
Main headlines

– Merchants suspend their strike, the government postpones the sales tax

– News leaks on government formation started by the GPC and ended by it, Politicians: absence of political will reduces importance of genuine reform

– Islah conducts its internal elections of the 4th general conference

– Arrests in Aden and protest demonstrations in Dhalie

– Qahtan: There is a JMP shadow government

– The World Bank denies reports by government media on Yemen's progress in fighting corruption

– Hussein al-Ahmar accuses the authority of preventing him from traveling to Egypt

– Allaw establishment holds the attorney general responsible and Zaraniq tribe denounces

Writer Zaid al-Shami says in his article that following the wrong road does not lead to safe end. the is the state of Somalia that was led by its leaders to the abyss beginning from Siad Barre who left it dismembered and with troubled conditions , dominated by differences and much warring. Those who came after him were not wise or successful. Each does not see but himself and will not be satisfied until he thinks he has ended his adversaries.

We hope that has happened to Somalia to be as a punishment resulting from corruption , division, dispute and tribal fanatics and we remember how Siad Barre executed scholars and burned them in public squares.

Repeated cycles of conflicts and wars even after the agreement of Arta city of Djibouti took place and disturbance continued but situations have not stabilized. The last of which was the control of Islamic Courts on the country. A kind of stability has taken place in the country, but that does not mean that we say that the Islamic Courts were right. They should have worked to accommodate all and deal well with the state institutions and to draw up priorities for issues, but there name as Islamist formed a bugbear for America and Ethiopia and for other countries and under the fighting of terror they use force against all that is related to Islam.

The Ethiopian interference and occupation of cities as well as the American bombing came to be a new witness of the extent the Islamic and Arab nation has reached of weakness and humiliation. If the Arabs and Muslims remain looking at what is happening in Somalia without exerting what they have to of duty towards their brothers. Their duty is to support them on the right and help them get rid of egoism and rancor.

Now after the Somali president has returned to Mogadishu we expected he would declare general amnesty and to extend his hands to all the sons of his homeland and not to except anyone even those who had been with this party or that. We expected he would not allow any of the ministers or officials to spell statements that will provoke this side or that.

There is no need for pursuing because that policy did not make stability before and will not bring it now and the cycle of violence should stop and come to an end.

Somalia will continue in its conflicts and its bleeding wounds unless the Somalis, particularly the politicians, are convinced that they should coexist and concede to each other instead of conceding to the foreigner.