Al-Sahwa [Archives:2007/1020/Press Review]

January 29 2007

25 Jan.2007.
Main headlines

– Politicians astonished about contradiction of the ruling party in its attack on opposition and its call for opening a new chapter

– Qahtan to president: If you can restore the egg price to that before elections you are an exemplary president

– In its report on developments of economy in 2006, the World Bank: Yemen the worst country in using loans and government spending

– Ali Nasser praises struggle of Bin Shamlan

– Islah party members continue election of their representatives in the 4th general conference

– Business shops owners continue strike in protest to sales tax

– Condemned violence and terror, Muslims parliamentarians Forum confirms u [grading performance of MPs

Writer Zaid al-Shami says in his article a general look at the conditions of Muslims and others we can see defeats come successively on us and victories of our enemies are repeated. Although we possess huge riches out peoples in general live in need and poverty and although we are one nation we are among nations who seek for causes of schism and difference.

The condition of the nation is a reflection of weakness or power we have in our souls

One wonders where is that education of the nation freedom and dignity and non-=surrendering to calls of weakness. And why do we live without ambition? Why do rulers fear the power of peoples and their enlightenment and freedoms? Where is the power of science and modern technology? We wonder where our scientists are and why are they leaving their homelands and why we close doors before them? where is the power of economy that makes the citizen lives without being needy and why our industries are confined to making furniture and house utensils? we are lacking the power of coordination and integration among our states and peoples as the powerful in Europe and east Asia have done.

The starting point comes from reforming, educating and developing the human to be strong, healthy and educated, entertaining freedom and acquires his legitimate rights in full.